Saturday, October 10, 2009


Microsoft just released its NO-COST Security Solution for Windows ( XP / Vista / 7 ) platform.

The installer for Windows Vista/7 is 4.x mb
and for Windows XP it's 8.x mb

[] PLUS :)
> Interface provided is real simple for users, everything is easily accessible and well modularized at GUI level at least...
> Under a test by it detected 98% malwares from 500+K Samples

[] MINUS :(
> the Security provided is simply signature based, so malwares fooling advanced Security Solutions can easily fool it too...
> a very basic level security, call it a stripped down version of OneCare Live Security Solution

> Don't have any effective 'Dynamic Detection Technique'


[] Home

[Scan Options]
> Quick Scan > Full Scan > Custom Scan
[Real-Time Protection Status Info: ON/OFF]
[Virus & Spyware Definiton Status Info: Update_Information]
[Changing the Scan Schedule]

[] Update

[Option to Update Definitons]
[Status of Current Virus and Spyware Definition]

[] History

[Detected Items]
> All Detected Items
> Quarantined Items
> Allowed Items
[Alert_Level + Date + Danger_Level + Action_Taken about Detected Items]
[ Information about the selected Detected Item]

[] Settings

[Scheduled Scans]
[Default Actions]
[Real-Time Protection]
[Excluded Files and Locations]
[Excluded File Types]
[Excluded Processes]
[Advanced] : Scan Archive Files, Scan Removable Drives, Create Restore Point, Full History
[Microsoft Spynet] : Basic Membership, Advanced Membership

Help videos can be viewed for any confusion: